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Economic Development

Counties of the CatawbA Region

A region of Economic Potential

The Catawba Region is an area that encompasses the four South Carolina counties of Chester, Lancaster, Union, and York. Economic potential in this region is promising, due largely to the fact that location, existing development, labor force, educational institutions, and natural and cultural resources provide a sound foundation for economic growth.

The Public & Private sectors,  working together, have addressed what once was a growing challenge of addressing low-income levels and unstable employment patterns, are working to identify key resources to alleviate unstable employment patterns.  A coordinated economic district planning program is an important step in this positive direction.

This website presents a digital version of the most recent update to the Catawba Region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The CEDS is a formalized planning process developed by the federal Economic Development Administration (US EDA) to promote an area-wide assessment of economic trends and infrastructure needs within multi-county districts such as the Catawba Region.

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