Resources for Resiliency



Beginning in March 2020, the world endured the worst pandemic in 100 years, a record number of tropical storms, massive flooding throughout the globe, massive wildfires in California and many other states, and freezing temperatures that crippled almost all of the State of Texas.  At the same time, foreign wars and geopolitics are disrupting global supply chains, impacting U.S. businesses’ ability to consistently deliver goods.  And, the threat of foreign and domestic terrorism and cyber attacks continue to rise. 

Recognizing this need, the Catawba Regional Council of Governments successfully obtained a grant from the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) to help communities in Chester, Lancaster, Union, and York Counties recover from COVID19 and increase their resilience, particularly economic resilience. The Catawba Regional Council of Governments then contracted with StateBook and the International Sustainable Resilience Center, Inc. (ISRC) to provide a comprehensive analysis and action agenda for both pandemic recovery and overall economic resiliency.

This resource guide was developed to provide a reference source for the region to explore resources and information to put resiliency into action. This guide is not about taking a position on climate change. It is about giving communities the tools to deal with ongoing disasters of all types, including natural, pandemic, industrial, acts of terror, and the newest threat, cyber-incidents.

This guide is a mixture of reports and reference guides designed to provide both direction and information on taking resilient actions.