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Perquimans County, located in the Coastal Plain region of North Carolina, was formed in 1679 and originally called Berkeley Precinct of Albemarle County; it was later renamed for the Perquimans Indians of the area. It is partially bordered by the Albemarle Sound. The Weapemeoc as well as Perquimans Indians were early inhabitants of the county, followed by English and Welsh settlers. Hertford, the county seat, was incorporated in 1758 and named after Hertford, England; the town was originally called Phelps Point after a local landowner named Jonathon Phelps. Other communities in Perquimans County include Winfall, Belvidere, Durants Neck, Chapanoke, and Snug Harbor. Notable physical features, in addition to the Albemarle Sound, include the Perquimans, Little, and Yeopim Rivers, Harvey and Grassy Points, and Godwin and Sutton Creeks.

Among Perquimans County’s landmarks and historic sites are the brick Newbold-White House (ca. 1730), the Alfred Moore House (ca. 1825), the Thomas Nixon Plantation (1848), and Piney Woods Friends Meetinghouse (1854). The county hosts several popular festivals and annual events, including the Perquimans County Indian Summer Festival, the Hearth and Harvest Festival, and the Spring Fling and Old-Timers Game.

Perquimans County, with 100 miles of shoreline, is a haven for boaters, fishers, and hunters. The county has more than 65,000 acres of active farmland producing soybeans, corn, peanuts, cotton, vegetables, poultry, swine, and beef cattle. The county’s primary manufactured product is apparel. The estimated population of Perquimans County in 2004 was slightly less than 12,000.

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Pasquotank County

Town of Hertford

The Town of Hertford was established in 1758 and is North Carolina’s seventh oldest town. The county seat of Perquimans County and located on the beautiful Perquimans River, Hertford is home to a year round population of approximately 2,200 citizens. Hertford operates as a Council-Manager form of government where the Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town and supervises the employees of the Town. The Town Council is made up of four Commissioners and the Mayor and is responsible for creating the policies of the Town. The Town maintains departments for Police, Fire, Street, Planning, Solid Waste and Recycling, Cemetery, DMV License Plate, and Administration. The Town also provides water, sewer, and electric utilities for its citizens.

Our heritage as a farming community is still evident by the surrounding fields of cotton, corn, and soybeans. The Perquimans River offers sailing, fishing, boating and paddling opportunities enhanced by a powerboat launch as well as several canoe and kayak launches and platforms. The rich wildlife along the black water river lined by cypress trees adorned with Spanish moss makes for a memorable boating experience. Fishing for large mouth bass, perch or rock fish attract fishermen from many areas including Virginia and South Carolina.

Take a stroll on our tree-lined streets or take the walking tour of our historic homes. Visit one of our river front parks and then treat yourself to an ice cream cone at the drugstore in our downtown business district. We hope to see you soon. Information is available about our community at the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center in downtown Hertford.

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Town of Winfall

The Town of Winfall is a small town in Perquimans County, NC.  It is part of the Elizabeth City, NC Micropolitan area.